Does anyone keep editing the wrong track?

I’ve had my new rytm for a week. It maybe because I’m new, but one aspect I find really counter intuitive is the selecting of a track prior to editing. I’m constantly changing parameters to the wrong pad.

Surely it’s more intuitive to simply hit a pad and it’s available to edit instantly? Or if it’s too do with screen refresh speed, then allow a small delay after you hit the last pad…

I suggest that the current method (holding track + hitting pad) is used to keep that track active for editing the way it works now… Hitting track + the same pad deactivates this ‘focus select’ and allows fast seamless editing of pads again.

Thoughts? Is this happening to anyone else?

When I had a Tempest it worked the way you are wishing for AR to work.

After having the AR for a little over a month, I like the way it works better.
You will probably get used to it over time.

At this point for me selecting tracks has become muscle memory.
What I like is it’s deliberately selecting a track, as opposed to playing pads is the same thing as selecting a track.

With Tempest I found myself holding shift plus the pad to select a tracks without making the pad sound, and I would do that A LOT more than just hitting a pad, especially when recording or performing live.

So even if elektron changed the way this worked, I would still want the ability to select a track without triggering the sound, and I would probably use that more often.

Not had any issues with it but I’m used to the Elektron way of working.
All their machines have ‘Track’ buttons except the MD & the AR so I see where you’re coming from but I think you’ll get used to it in time. Selected Track should be apparent by the colour tho again when you’re switching between Chromatic/Perf/Scenes etc. I can see where confusion may lie.

This is one of my pet peeves also - put it in the features request thread.

A double tap of the Track button could toggle between the way it works currently, and the way you describe.

Personally, I would find this a MUCH better way of quickly editing a kit.

I think the Rytm’s method works better if you’re editing with the sequencer running.

I think the Tempest’s method works better if you’re editing with the sequencer stopped.

On the Tempest you have both options (pad, shift + pad)
On the Rytm you only have one option (track + pad)

I would like to see it added to the Rytm, perhaps with double-click track button as a previous poster mentioned. They’re both good methods for different situations. (i.e. performance vs kit building)

Another nice thing about the Tempest I wish the Rytm had is that if you hold down a pad mode button, when you let go it goes back to the previous pad mode. So for example if I’m playing chromatically in 16 tunings mode, I can press and hold 16 mutes and mute a few tracks, then when I let go it bounces back to 16 tunings.

This would be great on the Rytm, for example if you’re tweaking sounds in performance mode, you could switch to mute mode or scenes mode really quick without having to re-select performance mode.

I actually prefer the way it is now, all it takes is an extra finger to jump between the pads (this is where the pad size on the AR is actually an advantage). I always felt the MPC way of pad selection was a bit clunky in a live situation as one had to think up a good timing interval for the pad selection (due to it triggering the sound).

got used it by now, but I didnt like it too.
another UI approach would be if u could lock track and function similar to the lock case shift gesture on iphone. hit track twice and it gets locked, hit again to unlock.

Starting out with the AR I was editing the wrong track all the time. Now I’m fine with it, but it took me awhile.

I’ve had a NI Maschine 3 years where the last track/pad being pressed is the track selector. This is all fine and dandy when editing sounds but when you’re in playback and want to select a track/sound without making any sound/noise you have to use a shift-button. So one way or the other there is the need for a track-button the way I see it.

To be honest I had the same problem editing the wrong sound on my A4 in the beginning and the A4 has dedicated track buttons.

But with the problem of the last pad selected while running the sequencer…

Why not just use the focus track (current functionality) while the sequencer is running…

And when stopped… Setting up a kit… Turn it off automatically.

The problem isn’t so much so that I need to reach up with another finger, it’s that I forget I have to do it. Im sure that since everyone has said it’s something they needed to learn or get used to, that it could be more intuitive by simply tapping a pad, then proceeding to edit it.

I suggested the same thing (support ticket #5917 “Miscellaneous ideas”).

There should be a way to quickly change tracks by simply pressing the corresponding pad.

Maybe The AR should have two modes:

In mode “A”, it works like it does now. Press [track] + [pad] to select a track, don’t trigger a sound.
This is more suited for live situations.

In mode “B”, simply tapping a [pad] selects a track, but also triggers a sound
(if you hit it gently, the sound may not be audible, though).
This is more suited for soundkit editing.

IMHO, this should be independent of whether the sequencer is running or not.

(I usually edit sounds while the sequencer is running and simply mute other tracks as needed)

initially it was a problem for me as well but once you get used to it, it does work just fine and you forget about it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and unless one has really small hands, all the pads can be reached whilst holding the Track button.
i’ve never used a Tempest so i can’t really say how much of a difference this makes in terms of workflow but with the AR it doesn’t seem to slow things down (at least for me) … i expect the pad to play a sound if i hit it rather than change the track, but again, it’s probably more a matter of getting used to it/way the machine works (without considering all the extra features one could have by changing this behavior… but chip’s code memory is not endless though :smiley: )


OH yeah, It happens to me all the time. Coming from the MPC I am used to navigate between sounds by simply hitting the pads. Bummer that Elektron made this more complicated than needed with the Rytm. Hope I will get used to it at some point …

Actually, I seem to have more of a problem mixing up the function and track buttons. Obviously, this is because I use other elektron gear…which means I’m not sure I will ever get used to it since my other elektron gear has the function button on top.

^ lol me too :slight_smile:

didn’t want to mention this (you get used to it etc)

but damn

this happens to me all the time :smiley:

(edit: maybe add a ‘swap function and track keys’ option in the global settings ? :))
(edit#2: …and I don’t even possess any other Elektron gear (yet))
(edit#3: …there’s some sticky tape waiting for this update ;))

Doubt they would be able to do that but it would be cool (option to swap functionality of the buttons)…I think it’s only an issue for people using other elektron gear…muscle memory thing since I use function so much on a4 and OT…and they will remain in my setup.

It is a problem I Have… especially when I mute track a start editing track b and nothing happens so i start to tweak to see whats wrong and then realize I have ruined track a.

Time gets you there!

funny this bugs so much users. funny too it distracted me more again since i know most of you dont like it :slight_smile:
while creating a pattern and shaping kits, its the gesture i execute most often, it should not require an extra button.

not sure if there is an easy way to change the UI logic without causing other confusions though.

No dont double tap just hold down then the track should become orange