Does anyone know if the Ripcord for OTmk2 is compatible with Pulsar 23?

I am basically illiterate when it comes to electronics related stuff
I own the usb to dc cable from Ripcord for Octatrack mk2

and I am wondering if this is compatible with Pulsar 23 that just came through today

Image below is the description for Ripcord cable for Pulsar 23 and to me they look pretty much the same
but since I know my dumbass don’t know jack about electronics I wanted to double check to make sure I don’t fry anything.

You don’t need to worry, just try it:

  • both need 12 volts and have a center positive polarity -> ok
  • Pulsar needs less current/power than the OT -> ok
  • the inner diameter of the OTs connector is 2.5 mm, the Pulsar might have 2.1 mm -> try and check if it wiggles too much (I doubt it)
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Thanks! Tried with success!