Does Bandcamp actively enforce DMCA takedown on songs using samples in not for profit releases?

I’m having trouble finding this information, does anyone know or have experience with having music they released 100% free being pulled due to samples they used? The ELEU specifies you must be the copyright holder and calls out cover songs specifically, but does not directly address samples.

I found a lot of opinions about bandcamp in the search, but nothing so specific as this. Also, this is preemptive, not in response to a takedown. Thanks.

Nope. I have two releases on bandcamp that contain some pretty blatant samples, both have been up for several years now.


free or “name your price”?

Name your price for both. Neither of them have been immensely popular, but one did have a pretty large spike of sales when it was released.

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very interesting… thank you! this is good…

anyone else?

Certainly doesn’t seem like they’re checking yet, have a ton of stuff with uncleared samples on there and never had an issue.


If they were gonna take down music for sampling, they’d have nuked my account, my sampling is not subtle in some cases.


This does make me feel a bit more relaxed about it I guess after hearing it from 3 people. Bandcamp seemed pretty strict compared to other sites but I guess unless you’re raking in the dough, they don’t really care or have an algorithm which cares maybe I should say.

Thank you guys