Does XLV only pertain to MASTER OUT?

I’m mainly asking because earlier in the week it seemed like XLV would persist across MAIN & CUE outputs - and now it does not. I’m probably just confused. I can plock the input volume so I have a work around - or maybe swap how I use the MAIN/CUE outputs. Wrapping your head around the OT after not using it for months is quite the ordeal.
Thanks for any input.

You’ll want to look up gain staging here. It’s an extensive topic. I’ve found what works with my setup, but everyone seems to have a bit of a different take on it. Mine is to keep the main at +2, max out all the amp vol pages and use the level knob for all my leveling. I’ll adjust the main based on how hot the mixer is in a live setting. Record buffers are always at +12 db so there’s something to consider there as well.

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