Downloading from my MacBook Pro onto Octatrack 1

Whenever I try to download my samples from my MacBook Pro onto the Octotrack, the Octatrack shows up briefly on the MacBook and then i get a box saying that it has disconnected. I then cannot get the Octatrack to show up again. Is there something more i need to be doing?

…and then my Octatrack freezes. ??? what the…

This was happening to me the other day. Try rebooting both and plugging them in in a different order if necessary. always have the cable plugged into the Octatrack on boot up though.

So if a reboot doesn’t work try USB plugged into octatrack but not Mac on boot, and then try USB plugged into both on boot.

I don’t have a mac, but it has been discussed.
Search mac + cf card or something.