Drambo 2.0 (iOS) - incredible update drops

Drambo has been described as an Octatrack on steroids, and while that’s a bit clickbaity as a description, it does feel like the possibilities are endless. Particularly now version 2.0 has dropped today, which features a new clips mode that enables you to easily create full songs, a piano roll, automation editor, auto-grow record to set pattern length on the fly, a morph module, and tons of other improvements.

It’s now by far the best all in one music app on iOS, and I’m sure would be appreciated by Elektronauts! £17.99 for all this or £2k for an OP-1 field. :smiley:

Great tutorial and walkthrough here:

Marvellously lame first tutorial from me here:


And free for current users? Wow!!!


I guess it’s time to dust it off from the pile of shame and finally start using it. Hope this intention last long enough until I actually have time to sit in front of it…


Outstanding update. Just amazing.


Maybe it’s time for me to finally cave and buy Drambo.


Absolutely amazing - every Elektronaut coming here needs to take note of this extraordinary application. Congratulations Giku- smashed it!


Runs on M1 Apple Mac computers as well, so no reason not to educate yourselves.


Totally - it’s an astonishing achievement from a one-man developer.

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Dragging samples across from your main computer using Universal Control sounds cool!!


Best app, absolutely insane

It’s time for me to finally cave in and buy an iPad!

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One of these days imma learn this app…

Damn I hadn’t even thought of that. IIRC you can run Drambo on any Apple Silicon Mac as well. Maybe even x86 ones?

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Only runs on Apple Silicon. Nice gesture to support this. Few music apps I have do (most of Moog‘s for instance).

Really amazing update to an already insanely great app. Can’t believe it’s a free update. I hope this works out for them.

It looks a bit intimidating first, but its really well thought out and quite immediate after some use.
Same as with octatrack, you don’t need to know every single feature at once, to start having fun and make tracks.

The new features seem to make it even more immediate and complete

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I loved Drambo as it was, and thought it was great. At the same time, this update is so extensive and useful, I wonder how I ever used the 1.0 to begin with :joy:


Hi everyone, long time lurker, first post here :slight_smile:

Can anyone help me confirm please:

MIDI Clock in (from external) should work now…

However, when I send clock AND notes in to Drambo, (to be recorded on Drambo’s new piano roll), the sync messes up and the tempo is often incorrect.

Bug in Drambo? Or something wrong with my setup?

I’m sending both the clock and the notes from my Deluge (USB), into USB hub, into an iConnect MIDI4, out to another USB hub, into an Apple CCK, into an iPad 9th generation. Usually working fine for other apps etc.

Any advice gratefully received, thanks!

Drambo is amazing btw! Dive in if you haven’t yet!

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Hey welcome!
Maybe post your question in the main drambo thread, I think it’s more likely you get an answer there.

And acid and mushrooms.

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Much appreciated, will do!