Dreams about gear

Ok, here‘s a weird one: I just fell asleep for a second time and dreamt about my AR MK2. I went for lunch to a Thai fast food place on a ski slope and while eating played the AR. When I left, I forgot to take the machine. Imagine the relief when I went back I found someone had handed it in. Only to my horror they‘d removed all the circuitry and taken a dump into the empty box. Quite surreal.


I had a random dream last night that involved someone gifting me an OP-1. Can’t recall why and I don’t really have much GAS for the OP-1 either having owned and sold it like 4 times or something! Still, in dreamland it was mighty fun playing with that and my OT2! Shame I can’t replicate the skills in reality :frowning:


There’s a clear indication I need to lay off the overindulgence of the past few days and return to my regular sleep schedule.


Hahaha nice!

I did actually have a gear dream last night, but it was boring as fuck. I dreamed that I broke one of the faders of my apc40.

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I always have dreams about numbers and maths relating to synths. I dream that I must hit a certain frequency and use maths to work it out then use a synth to create it. It’s always a stressful dream and rarely enjoyable though

I am kinda relived that I am not the only one lol I dreamed I was buying a new OT the other day, which is weird because it never been on my wishlist …

Not 100% related to music gear, but when I was a teenager I was heavily into Linux (back when Slackware and Redhat were the two main options, if anyone remembers…)

For some reason I got hooked on really wanting a Sun workstation… Sparcstation or UltraSparc or something like that, I don’t even remember. Because it was “real” Unix.

During that time I had a dream that I got one, and to this day I’d say it’s one of the most satisfying dreams I’ve ever had… just that super satisfied feeling of actually getting it and being totally happy and content. Then of course when I woke up it was probably one of the most disappointing feelings.

Some length of time after that, maybe a couple years, my dad helped me get a real one. After getting it hooked up and messing around on it, I realized it was pointless to have one, I couldn’t really do anything, software support really sucked, and I was better off with a PC with Linux. Returned it within a few days, and that was the end of ever thinking about it again.

EDIT: I do once in a while have dreams that I’m playing my bass or guitar and I’m coming up with the most fucking awesome sounding riffs and patterns ever to exist.

I rarely if ever have dreams, if I do, I realize something is off and conclude I’m dreaming which wakes me up!

i just recently saw a machine in my local Music Store. It was silver, with black buttons and LEDs built into these buttons. it had a Screen which looked familiar, but still - was different. there was a certain appeal to it, i cant describe. it had knobs which felt snappy. the screen took me to places - i saw LFOs, a lot of them. i saw tons of different machine models - all with their very own parameters. they all sounded different as well. it was amazing, i can tell you. i was able to load samples on one of these machines … i started layering them and there was a master section which had some sort of a compressor inside - but truly unique sounding … maaan that was a great journey.

until i woke up! and realized that i dreamt about a machine that is already a classic :wink:

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NOOO when you realize something’s off, that’s when you can get into lucid dreaming. Although for me it’s never lasted more than a few seconds because I get too excited and wake up. Like, “holy shit I’m dreaming and I can do th … nope, now I’m awake.”

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I guess this one’s a bit of a classic.

I had this dream last night, was going to play a gig at a pretty large venue. Got there to set up, house is completely packed, super excited. Then realized the only gear I brought with me was this insanely complex synth / drum machine (similar to AR but bigger, like a combination of OT + AR + A4) which - you guessed it - I hadn’t used before, ever. LOL

No soundcheck, obviously. No patterns or samples stored, nothing. Not a clue. Then some other act came on before me. I was scared shitless but at the same time intrigued and looking forward to just try and wing it. Waiting, and waiting… Dream ended before it was my turn though.


I always get that, dreams about gigs and all the build up, delays and chaos then wake up when im about to begin

Recently over the last year or so i have had dreams about connecting things, wires and numbers. Essential pieces to make connections and all linked to maths and equations. It’s like music production, programming and mathematics mixed with me trying to complete the puzzle. I think its basically gas in dream form


I agree this is probably my sub-consciousness dealing with all the GAS issues. :rofl:

Yeah I also remember binge-programming phases very well (assembly in particular) and how that algorithmical thinking creeps into your dreams a lot. But also had the strong impression that it helped me solve problems, sub-consciously. I would sometimes get up and have an idea, or a possible solution to a problem I had been hammering on for days.


Sounds like something I get, especially if this is the kind of repetitive ‘solving’ dream that goes on and on and you even drop back into it after waking.

Recently had a shitty night where the repetitive dream involved using AI art prompts to try to schedule various dates over the summer (ffs)

But it’s rarer now because after many years I finally worked out that hunger is the main cause.

(Well, hunger plus staying up too late trying AI prompts while putting off organising the next few weeks lol)


Considering the forum, not sure if this is a dream about the lead up to the gig or the performance itself.


I guess a set of build ups, delays and chaos does sound good to me :slight_smile:

I have a dream about a piece of gear that I can pet like a dog or cat

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I had this weird dream about a synth. I have no idea what it was supposed to do but I had just bought it and for some reason you were supposed to cut off the sides. It was like a large desktop device and the chassis was made out of that hard yet bendable black textured plastic that some flight cases are made out of and I was to understand that you just needed common scissors to cut off the sides. Anyways, after I cut them I was a little bothered that the cuts were uneven etc., but then I started to freak out as some of the components started to get loose and fall out the sides, like a person’s organs pouring out of a wound. I tried to put them back but had no idea where they went. I woke up disoriented and disturbed.


I just woke up from a dream wherein I was going to set up my Octatrack and 01/IV with a Faderfox MX12 but was foiled because the MX12 was stolen or disappeared somehow. I had a friend with me and we spent the rest of the short dream searching for it.

Wouldn’t have even remembered it if not for this thread.