DRIP; it's an album


DRIP is a 12-track album filled with lush synth goodness, polymetric melancholic melodies and syncopated beats with a few ambient excursions in between for good measure.

These tracks began as simple jams, I would mess around with my then newly-bought MC-202 almost every day after work and about a year later I dug these recordings up and decided to turn them into full tracks.

Available on Repeatle digitally or as limited vinyl release.

Grab it on Bandcamp.


Very nice album.

“Reset” is my favorite.

Excited to give this a spin! You should be aware that you share a name with someone else on Spotify, and the description/links all refer to them.

Nice! Might have to get the vinyl :slight_smile:
Small world, I know that other Amble, he was my neighbour, funny thing is, he put one of my EPs out on his label, and guess what? Turns out there was another ‘Edger’ out there in musicland. Seems like Spotify doesnt check for duplicate artist names. I changed my artist name to ‘I am Edger’ sort of a nod to Spartacus… that sorted it.

Anyway, great tunes! Thanks!

That track “No Station” sounds so good. Seems like that melody could go on forever and never get boring, those are the best kinds. I love those drums with the little roll in it. Only listened to a few tracks so far on my smartphone. I’ll listen to the rest on my way home on my car sound system.

Really liking the track “Sidewalk Sibilance” as well.

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Oh sweet, I was really excited for this! How come this releases on Tillianders personl label?

Thanks for the kind words!
Yeah, the artist name - idk, i don’t really care haha! This is a one off really.

He wanted to start releasing other peoples stuff, and I happened to send this to him a while back. Simple as that. :slight_smile:


Nice tracks :slight_smile:
=> :beers:

I also had a listen to “Japan” record from Andreas Tilliander & Elin Franzén. Really love this ambient album!


Really great stuff, Ess!

‘Triptych Dip’ is amazing, those arps are l u s h

It is really good shit! Some really nice restrained drumwork and nice melodies.

Will definitely be a stable during my daily commute.

Plus - I love you!

Really enjoying this in late autumn.

Realised this evening, you might appreciate this, in form and substance: https://archive.org/details/Sampler

@Ess what drums are you using along with the MC-202?


Drums are all made with a TR-606 and a 606 clone by Acidlab called Drumatix.
The whole album is pretty much only the 202 and a 606.

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Hope there was no DN/DT’s harmed in the making of the cover art.

The device on the cover is a 202, I think :slight_smile:

I hadn’t realised at the time that there was a vinyl release, and there still seem to be some copies available. Ordered.

Edit: fixed embarrassing typo :see_no_evil:

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Well this is a blast from the past.

The device on the cover is, of course, an MC-202. I love it dearly, and it’s pretty much the only synth besides a 303 (here and there) that was used on the album.

Also reminds me of this remix I made under the same name for a friend

Although the mastering is horrid … Maybe the person who did it can’t hear above 12k, or hates bass and likes bad distortion? I don’t know. I forgot to listen and approve, so my bad…

Here’s a non-ruined version

(Again, all 202 and a 606, haha)


Had our first snow this morning, and suddenly heard Sidewalk Sibilance to have a seasonal jingle for once.

Like Wisp – XMAS 87 (2004, 192 kbps, File) - Discogs (e.g. https://youtu.be/evIuUaVeIiA).

And again this year, real fog’n’leaves vibe.