Driven even with drive down?


Just a quick sanity check – is the Heat MKII supposed to be driven on some character settings even with the Drive setting all the way down? Some settings are very distorted even like this. I guess that’s perfectly normal, but you know how it gets with shiny new toys… :smiley:


Maybe depend on incoming signal, input sensitivity setttings. You also have the Dirt parameter that distorts, and Drive is set a ENV destination by default, so it distorts if you increase depth.


Yeah. That’s why there’s the wet/dry mix. Overbridge gives a bit of insight into what’s going on too. The EQs are all a bit different as well. As in even with the EQs at 0%, each circuit has a different baseline shape.


Btw, even with max drive, correct input sensitivity and High Gain character AH is not driven enough for me. :smile:

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Thanks for the advice!

@sezare56 - you need a Schlappi 100 Grit or similar :smiley:

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Don’t worry, I have 2 Analog Drive!
I’d like Boum, WMD Geiger Counter, Culture Vulpture…:loopy:

Interesting, bookmarked!


In that case, i think a comparator would work out for you. hehe.

I’m used to heavy guitar distortions!

Any comparator audio example ?

I can see if i can patch something up on my modular tonigth. But i dont think i can run external signals through it. It basically makes everything a hard squarewave. hehe. 1 Bit resolution for the win. :slight_smile:

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i Love to feed the analog drive on High Gain with gain and level knobs at a low state…that sound is unbelievable gritty and warm.
the eq is also a good Filter Option.


This actually a really good insight – saw some video of the OB plugin and realized that this is the case. Makes the Heat even more diverse. :smile_cat: