Drum fill suggested feature

is it at all possible to change patterns by pressing one of the pads? or in one of the scene changes?

right now i’m kind of doing the latter but it feels too ghetto, cuz im having to load essentially 2 drum sets into each kit and then use the scene change to switch between volumes, it can be problematic. i mean that strategy accomplishes exactly what i am looking for but i’d like to have one that is less ghetto rigged. feels too hacked

on octatrack its e-z cuz you just keep ur fill loop on B and then just switch between using the fader

thats kindof the functionality i’m looking for

as it is the e-z’iest is just doing fills for individual sounds using delay and retrig but thats it

can anyone think of another solution? like can retrigs be programmed to trigger on demand?

what i absolutely dont want to do is have to hold the bank key and select the drum fill then go back to the pattern once its done. just want to press a button once, let the fill pattern play and then it automatically goes back while im switching to the next pattern on my a4

oh and i DO NOT i repeat DO NOT want to use song mode . well idk maybe i should? can you jump around on songmode like in ableton and have patterns fly without stopping the seq?

btw yes i read the manual i just digest this kind of data better off thru word-to-person-etc

hope everyone is doing well,

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Check out the chain mode as well, it’s more simple to setup than songmode?

For simple fills, I’ve also used retrigged trigs that I’ve muted with the TRIG MUTE function, and just unmute those when I want to run it. Also, check the mute combos you can do with the three diff. mute modes, they’re handy to learn to use fluently:

-Plain mute: toggle a pad
-Multimute: keep FUNCTION held and select the pads to toggle (blue color), release FUNCTION to execute
-Delayed Multimute: keep FUNCTION held and select pads as above, then press TEMPO to lock the multimute. Now you can let go of all buttons and do everything normally (including plain mutes!). To execute delayed multimute, press FUNCTION.

Making a track into a fillpattern (use soundlocks if you need more than 1 sound), and employing delayed multimute + plain fillpattern mute(s) allow you to build at least some usable transitions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: