Drum machine to compliment the Digitakt

As much as I love the Digitakt it’s still a digital machine. And I’m a sucker for anything analog. For a reference I already own a bunch of analog synths and even some drum machines, but it turns out I have an option to buy any of these for cheap. REALLY cheap, kinda like you don’t want to miss it cheap. But I can only buy one at the moment and the deal won’t last long:

  • MFB Tanzbar
  • Analog Rytm mk1

Both are super great machines in their own regard. But I’m kinda torn which one I should pick.

The MFB Tanzbar is one of those weird and hard to get into machines with really EXCELLENT warm analog sound. I have demoed this once or twice and it has a very impressive, deep and warm sound out of the box. It also has p-locks so an obvious choice to go with the Digitakt sequencer.

The Rytm is the Rytm but it’s sequencer is kinda redundant when I already have the Digitakt. But it has an analog compressor, FX and can also layer samples.

Main use case would be sampling it, as I rarely finish things on my analog machines and mix ITB anyway in the end.

Anyone who owned one or both of these can help me with this?

Which one do you prefer the sound of/want the most?

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Why don’t you just get that Behringer Moog clone and sample drum patches into the DT?


These sorts of posts really only have one correct answer-

Only you know what works for you.

Well unlike a lot of people I keep buying and selling gear so it’s not just about hoarding more and more. Some things don’t work out well for me (like the DrumBrute), other things get boring super fast because of it’s limitations (like the tr-8 which you cannot save parameters with), others I keep purely for their sound and character and still use them (like my Minitaur and Blofeld).

So not just I keep buying stuff not to use them in the end, I always own 4-5 synths and do live acts too so for me it’s important what I pick and learn to use, since on the PC I can do anything I want, in a live settings it’s not that easy.

Also consider jomox xbase.

I have to say though, if you want my personal preference as an idea, I would go tanzbar hands down every time. As you said it just sounds great. It has maybe more limitations than rytm but I would take advantage of awesome modulstion and limited sound palette to draw as much as possible out of it

Sample analog drums into digitakt.


Tanzbar samples for DT :slight_smile:


Analog Four can be an excellent drum machine, I decided to take it instead of AR.
I’d like a Machine Drum too.

i use it with a 909 on the side

He wants Analog

What about the Boutique series ?
Analog enough to my ears.

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He can get a good deal on one of the two mentioned. That’s why he’s asking guys


Don’t buy either one. Buy an analog heat and run the Digitakt through the clean boost or a tiny amount of one of the other settings. You won’t be able to tell the Digitakt is digital after that, I assure you. If that’s too expensive for your current budget, get a strymon deco (make sure to read up on the internal settings and get your EQ right).


…yeah. and digitakt needs that analog warmth. I hope they’ll put in all the classic Machines from the machinedrum. full digital synthesis.
btw. this is a killer machine for Digitakt: https://58eca9fdf76150b92bfa-3586c28d09a33a8c605ed79290ca82aa.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/damage-control-liquid-blues-distortion-319843.jpg

I was wondering any of the tanz machines (tanzmaus, tanzbär 2) would support the retrigger feature of the Digitakt sequencer. I am having 2 concerns:

  1. I don’t know if the Digitakt sends retriggers over MIDI (I can test it now that I think about it)
  2. I don’t know if the tanz machines recognize such fast triggers and can play samples faster than it’s sequencer’s quantization.

I want to do glitches. I am guessing that most of you would suggest me to do them within the Digitakt but I haven’t found satisfying samples yet.

Is there anyone here that has the machines to test and let me know?

Vermona DRM

Sequence it with the 8 DT midi tracks but tweak to your hearts content on its beautifully knobby panel.

Also volca beats
w snare mod. Cheap :smiley:

As far as I know is retrigger only a feature of the audio tracks (which doesn’t send MIDI notes).

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