Drum n' Bass Battle #5 (Found Sounds) [WINNERS ANNOUNCED!]


#1 @jeye_musik
#2 @InTheAM
#3 @proskynesis

So many bangers. We really get it done!

So the VOTING goes as is… If you submitted, you get a vote.

Give your top three, and give a run down why you picked them. Call out your favorites, and also the ones who almost made the cut.

Give any analysis you feel would help the producer able to make better tracks, but also remember to be kind… Music is subjective, so don’t go too hard.

IF YOU DIDN"T SUBMIT… why? its fun.

You can still give some critique and rank your favorites, but in the end, only those who submitted can vote.

This was totally fun, and I feel honored to enjoy this experience with you all.

Thank You!


#1 @jeye_musik
#2 @InTheAM
#3 @proskynesis



I think this is all who have submitted and can vote.

If anything is missing, or off about the playlist, just PM me so we can solve it without giving anything away!

It was fun!


Thanks for running this again @BLKrbbt, looking forward to hearing all the entries : )


Would loved to have done something but I haven’t even turned on my music machines since before this round started… studies, work, and marathon training means I’m staaaaacked.

Summer is just around the corner so should have more time for music then.

Looking forward to listening on the commute today!


I don´t get how do you actually “vote”… neither am I someone who can cast a vote (no submit)

B, J, G, and in that order.

D almost made the cut for me.

Why these votes? is like trying to explain what is swing… you just feel it I guess.

But my vote doesn´t cut so don´t take it seriuos, neither personal.



It’s cool. You just made some people’s day

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Each one of these battles gets harder to judge…I think the quality level goes up each time!
I’m going to send my love to…

  1. Submission C - a fun, dubby little number that made me smile and dance…what more could you ask for. Great piano sounds and a lovely mix.
  2. Submission J - Great component sounds and that wonderful echo. It got quite trippy…took me on a little journey.
  3. Submission F - deciding on my third place pick was super hard but I want to give my :hearts: to this artist for mixing together, so well, an eclectic set of musical phrases…probably had the best ‘found sound’ feel of them all. The loose drums worked really nicely to bring it all together.

Good luck everyone and thank you for sharing your tunes…I look forward to the autopsies.


This was a toughie. All of them are great, so I’m trying to judge by how well they stuck to the challenge.

I think I’m going to go:

I—Other than G, I think “I” does the best job of incorporating the tone of the field recording into the musical phrasing/melody/chord progression of the song. I’m not sure it’s my favorite piece of the bunch, but I think it’s the most successful at answering the challenge. So, winner.

G—Succeeds for all the reasons “G” does, and is catchier, but at nearly 9 minutes I felt it wore out its welcome, so it forfeits the top slot. An admirable second place.

H—I like coffee, what can I say? And I liked the way the field sounds added to the rhythm. Also gotta respect someone who can package their idea into less than 3 minutes.

C almost beat out “H” for third.

I’d go into the others I liked and why I liked them but any more and you’d know which is mine through process of elimination.


Not voting, just enjoying.
I like how people aren’t afraid to take the tempo down a notch, this round.


Ok, sorry been a bit slow this time.

My way this time is as follows:

J - Taken in by the A1 sample and was in for the ride from then.
D - The windy start felt true to the theme, was a little on the long side and so nearly put this in 3rd
C - Enjoyed the vocal and the dub vibe

Again been fun listening to all the tracks on my walks.


J: was my overall favorite, just right up my alley as far as some tech-step vibes.
H: made nice work of the crowd noise.
D: I really did like this a lot, though like some others noted, felt a bit long.


This was a tough one to choose from and these get harder and harder to pick from every round…

For my top three I think I’m going to have to go with the following:

  1. A - Call and response of the vocals on this one was fantastic.
  2. D - Love the whole vibe of this track and great job with the mix here. This track is super dense and the Bass+ Arp + and melody are all well balanced.
  3. B - Liked the ambient pauses and slowdowns throughout and a nice chill vibe.

Honorable mentions to F (the layered upright was great), I, and J.


Its my first round but all of these were pretty well done!


Agreed some of the halftime vibe is pretty awesome, another cracking round of tunes…:+1:


1- B
2 -D
3- J

That was tough. Think I spent longer listening to the tracks then I did making one.
Nice one you all. I can’t tell you’ve done this before.


What an excellent set of tracks from everyone, it was a real tough call. Changed my mind a good few times on my favourites, re-orderred my picks, re-listened, re-orderred… Anyway, here’s what I’ve finally decided on:

1st - Track F
2nd - Track B
3rd - Track D


If everyone could take a second look at Submission E. Soundcloud for some reason sped it up and I had to reupload…


My votes stay the same, but E also made my honorable mentions.

BTW, shout out to your found sounds intro track too @BLKrbbt which is also great.


1=A. Love the drums. Feels a bit footworky. And the vocals rule too. Itching to know how a onetone 808kickbassline would feel like though. Would really like to remix!

2=B. Deep and classic. Love the drums here too.

3=J. Crispy cyberfunk. Really good!!!

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Some great tunes in there people! Looking forward to hearing how they were made.