Drum rolls // Trig count + Velocity LFO

Hi everyone,

A couple of questions about sequencing live drum rolls (both midi and sample based).

Obviously there are solutions:

  1. Different track length and multipliers (1x16 for main, 3/212 for rolls) - we can p-lock velocity increase, but this requires some wicked math to achieve 4/4 repetitions.
  2. Trig counts+microtiming with regular track length are much easier to setup, but here comes the question about velocity:

Is there a way to setup LFO to act like a “velocity envelope”. I am thinking of TRIG + ramp up + speed of 64 with the velocity starting from 40 but it doesnt seem to work and i can’t figure out why?

What am I missing here?

you cant velocity-modulate the Trig count in MicroTiming page

I am not sure and cannot test it now - but maybe you could use the lfo-designer and setting to trig-sync to make a custom-lfo starting in sync with your track aimed at velocity …??

hmmm, i had no idea about ‘trig count’ til now, it seems to repeat from the sample end, so i’m not sure how you’d get good timing consistency between samples, isn’t the retrigger setting useful for this coupled with a volume fade …

Thanks a lot for the replies.

sicijk – you right, you can’t p-plock it for every trig-count, but you (probably) can set it up to start at first and ramp up.

METAGEIST - The LFO SYNC TRIG idea was cool. But the LFO designer has only 16steps. So i tried it with a usual Ramp up wave and managed to figure some parameters for “16 triplet fill”

LFO - p-lock
Ramp up
Tryg sync
Mult 1 to 8 or 64 (no idea)
Dep to 20
Speed to 100

BUT this does work for steps 1 5 9 and 13, and step 3 requeres speed to 111 and dep to max.
May be it is about this issue.

avantronica - let me double check it with samples, but with midi the trig count works as a retrig, starting notes from the start (though i don’t know why it is present and what was the idea beneath). And I don’t know if you can p-lock volume so it changes during on step.