DrumBrute Impact from Arturia

Arturia is about to announce a mini-version of the Drumbrute called the Drumbrute Impact.


You have elucidated me to so many new products it’s beyond compare!
Nice one @Jukka :smile:

Looks like the perfect holiday drumbox!
Reminds me of the Spark thingy, but no tether.


Hm, seems like quite a usable little box. Sounds it’ll be €299 / £265.

More Volca Beats than TR-808 though.

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my youtube Abos flooded me with impact videos today, so I share them all at once here :slight_smile:

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Looks like Arturia did a good job of getting protos out to the bigger youtube video producers to get the wave of opening day videos. I also like the Loopop one, he organizes his videos well.

To also list out the US dollar price – it’s $349.

The heritage with the regular Drumbrute is definitely there, but the Impact version looks to cover the essentials, but strip things down in price and size. The big add with the Impact is definitely the FM voice on the far right, which has a generous set of controls and features.

It’s a lot larger than I expected, would rather Arturia released a semi modular drum box much like the 2s form factor (with patchbay)…
Anyways there can never be too many drum machines on the market I say :drum:


yes he does great videos. And he reviews basically everything lately.
But the lookmumnocomputer video is hard to beat :sweat_smile:

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That would really be nice – perhaps Arturia’s leaving that for someone else?

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wow arturia play the youtube game really well!

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Did you see his flame thrower Eurorack module? Damn that’s a panic and lethal.

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haha yes. This guy i totally crazy. In a good way

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The kick seems to sound pretty good


Behringer? :joy:

Yeah he’s the Tesla of synthland!
100% bongo nuts…
In the best way possible…
I wonder how he affords all that stuff and how he learned to do it all :alien:

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What’s one more?:

PLUS – A Tutorial from Arturia:

There are more at Artutria’s Youtube site.

If you watch some of the earlier videos, and catch him in interviews, he built just about everything in his shop. He gets by on low housing costs, and a lot of DIY. The “pro” gear he’s showing is a more recent thing. I think now that he has built up a good following, he’s getting demo gear from manufacturers now. I enjoy his videos a ton.

You can set color by step.

And polyrhythm and random and swing can be applied by track.

Arturia has put plenty of stuff in this less expensive drum synth.

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Arturia does a tutorial about using the Impact with the Minibrute 2S.

Plus in that same tutorial it shows the midi control center which looks good.

OK i got to admit it – looking at all these features, this thing is building up a little GAS.