DSI Mopho X4

Has anyone tried Mopho X4?

[li]Does it have enough knobs for quick editing/patch creation? Can you really operate internal sequencer which these 3 knobs?[/li]
[li]How does keyboard feel?[/li]

I played with it in the store for an hour…quick impression:

  1. Yes, but…the interface is a bit quirky…some functions are not where you expect them. I had to search for them. And you are force to browse the menu quite often. I didn´t try to operate the internal sequencer, so i don´t know. All in all i guess once you learned your way through it, it will be ok.

  2. The keyboard action felt ok to me. It´s probably a standard Fatar keyboard which is ok. Ever touched a Korg M50-61 keyboard? That one is cheap…like those kitchens…

I have used one for about a year now. Editing is fairly quick for such a complex synth, but the shared envelope knobs aren’t ideal. The misc parameters that you have to navigate through the menu probably arent used much for live tweaking so theyre not bad, but i sometimes have to scroll through the list a few times before finding the correct parameter. I havent used the sequencer so i cant comment on that, but editing it is the same as the other modulation parameters.

The keys feel good to me. I hated them at first as my blofeld keyboard felt a lot more solid, but after a year i really like them. The aftertouch response is very good, at least for me. Overall i think the build quality is very good.

The brilliant thing about the assignable encoders in general is that the assignments gets saved with with each preset (Elektron took a page from the DSI playbook there on Perf dials)

  • so if you want more params you can save again as the following preset and program change between them to shift between control sets.