DSI PRO2 & PROPHET 08 - Do I get both?


I’m torn between the DSI PRO2 and PROPHET 08, if I wait a couple of weeks I could get both but I’m after opinions first as I want these to integrate with my Elektron setup.

I’m liking the sound of the PRO2 very much but then I hear the PROPHET 08 and that sounds absolutely amazing too. I’m also looking at the 08 due to it’s polyphony so maybe I should wait a few weeks and just get both.

Anyone have experience with either and are using them with their Elektron gear? I already had planned to get the PRO2 but gas is also telling me to get the 08 along with it. I plan to use the 08 with Strymon Reverb and Delay units.

Anyways anyone wanting to share experiences with the above please do.


Prophet 12 not an option?

Yeah it’s an option but somehow when I tried both in store I just liked the PRO2, strange but true.

I have a P08 and really like it. I have a few analog mono’s so having a poly is more usefull.
The P08 sounds great, alot of sounds can be acheived, but it does 80’s type sounds well.
Some people dont like the filter, but depends on your style.
I seem to use the filter in 12db mode more often for nice simple pads (if that makes any sense).
Feel free to ask questions or tell me what you want out of it, or your style.

Prophet 8 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Most of the synths I have apart from a NOVA 2X Keyboard are mono so I’m just after something with a bit more poly and the Prophet 08 seems to fit in with what I want. Been watching YouTube videos and also had a play in store so I’m pretty sure I’ll go for that as well as the PRO2.
I had been saving a bit for the Poly Evolver but I may hang on till later in the year for one of those cause these 2 alone are gonna cost a bit. They’ll fit just nicely in my setup though.

Rob, If you were based anywhere else in the world i wouldn’t throw this in, but i have a Prophet 08 which is something i simultaneously love yet don’t play, keys are just not really my thing, stretching myself to get an AR recently means that a few things are on the provisional sell list. It’s very minty, studio based, 1 owner from new, boxed and even has a spare set of firmer encoder boards (Sent by Dave himself, before he moved to partial pots), these firmer encoder boards are on the unit just now. The original lighter feel encoders just need a bit of deoxit and twisting to sort the original jumping issue (underuse symptom). I can’t promise to sell it either, don’t wish to sound like a time-waster, but if you could offer a very competitive and tempting price (for both of us, reflecting condition and perks) i might have to seriously consider it. To be clear, it’s an original, conceptually better, but old-school pots may be your thing. PM me if you’re curious, I might not be too far away up in Edinburgh btw :+1:

I’m not pitching a mega deal, just a safe option, and sorry to perhaps seem like a tease (again no promises i will sell), it’s the timing and your location(close?) which has got me posting this, i’d hoped to start selling unused gear from further down the food chain than this, but thought it worth pitching in

fwiw - i’m more of a textural, sound-design, polyrhythmic, monophonic synth enthusiast, my heart will always long for a Pro5, but my chops are for a different endgame (or guitar), A4 is right up my street, nord modular etc ! There is a huge presence and musicality to the p8 that is unlike any VA, i adore the evolver desktop, both filters are beautiful, it’s just that i like the a4 dirtyness for going very off-piste into more of a modular territory

Hi mate,
Thanks for that, thing is I get all my stuff cheaper new anyways as a friend has a store in Glasgow and he already ordered the stock (PRO2 anyways)
Plus I get to pay whenever I pay in to my account.
I had the AR for a week or so, didn’t do it for me mate. It’s a slow loader too on the samples, others may love it but it wasn’t for me.
Thanks again

Rubadub are my store for (cheap) analog goodness too :wink:

Lol I get all my gear there mate. They had to order the PRO2 coming next week I think. Great guys and top notch service.

Above and beyond, every time, Jason and Dan have been nothing short of a pleasure to deal with even though i only get back home once in a while, only bought 4 or 5 big ticket items over the years, always accommodating, people make glasgow as they say !

I was thinking about buying a Prophet 12 myself, until I read about the glaring aliasing and noise leak issues that are prevalent in some units. I’m not saying it’s a bad synth, but enough owners have complained and its become a recurring issue that is discussed on the DSI forum.

I really love my Prophet '08, and I use it routinely with an analog four and octatrack. I typically cover bass parts in more of a jazz/electronic trio setting, and the voices of the Prophet blend very well (and are nicely complemented by) the A4.

Octatrack is used for live sampling/FX.

As for the Prophet’s filter, count me in the camp that really loves its sound - typically 4-pole for my purposes.

I also use Strymon effects: Timeline and Lex. The Lex + Prophet is absolutely delicious.

Well the DSI PRO2 will be here within 2 weeks as the dealer e-mailed before. I was also looking at the Strymon boxes, I had been looking at the Eventide ones but that Chorale mode on the Blue Sky is just amazing, I’ll be wanting the Timeline and Mobious this year at some point. I just live the big shimmer reverbs as well.

Damn whilst waiting for my DSI PRO2 to arrive watching videos on YouTube my credit card just took another big hit for the Strymon Big Sky and the Timeline… pffff listen to this though in the link however he’s piped his through the Prophet 12 and IMO it sounds amazing I could listen to this stuff forever.

This video alone made me spend a small fortune tonight lol


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