DSP: Juno60 Sound Pack release!

DSP: Juno60 features 500+ Samples from the Roland Juno60 Synthesiser. Featuring Bass, Chords, Leads, Arps, Pads, Drums + Project files for Octatrack, Digitakt, Polyend Tracker, Ableton, Rytm!

Download at: gumroad or bandcamp

To celebrate these samples, I have made exclusive patterns to some good old machines - which are featured in the audio examples and bundled with the DSP: Juno60!

DSP: Juno60 includes,

  • Royalty Free 500+ Samples in multiple WAV formats (16Bit 48Khz, 24Bit 48Khz, 24Bit 44.1Khz)

  • Ableton Project + Projects for Polyend Tracker, Digitakt, Analog Rytm & Octatrack. These projects come along with premade Patterns, Kits, Scenes and Performance modes.


We love you Cenk!!!

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Great demos as always!

“These projects come along with premade Patterns, Kits, Scenes and Performance modes.”

This will be the first sound pack I’ve bought for Octatrack in years. These samples sound great in the demos, but it could also be samples of wet farts and I’d still buy the pack to study how Cenk does patterns, scenes, etc.


I bought this since I have an OT and a Polyened tracker. Pretty much a no brainer.

This is an amazing sample pack for producers. If you are hard-core synth guy and must have hands on the real thing for long patching sessions, then you will still want the real thing. But for anybody else, this pack really feels like I have a Juno60 with tons of it’s best sounds on call in my sampler.


This is a super classy release, thank you

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Bought. Thanks Cenk, really good idea. I hope I find some spare time soon to play with it on Rytm and DT…

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Thanks so much for the support :loopy:

Would be nice to hear what you are up to with those samples!


Just downloading just now and excited to get stuck into this!
Like many, definitely appreciate the going that extra mile in terms of really serving up the samples in ways that make creative use of each instrument rather than just a huge zip file of wavs - thanks Cenk!