DSP ReScore: Buggy Ms20 - Dataline Sound Pack

Dataline Sound Pack - ‘DSP’ has a new series of sound packs called ‘ReScore’!
Bringing you video game inspired samples from legendary synths!
First off, Buggy Boy C64 gets ReScored with an MS20!

If you have any favourite ‘retro’ video games you would like to get ReScored - let me know in the comments :loopy:

Download at:
Datashop or Bandcamp

Full video here:


That looks like ‘Turbo’ from Coleco VIsion way back in the day. Such a fun game. Checking out the sound pack now! Thanks @Dataline!

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Oh gosh Coleco vision :joy:
Never had that system but found the game Turbo on my retropi :slight_smile: what times they were, lot of imagination was needed to appreciate games. Now its a bit opposite


I love the imagination behind your releases, this one being no exception!

I’m super into videogame music from the 80s onwards- the incredibly cohesive soundscapes of Super Mario World from Koji Kondo (that Fortress theme gives me shivers to this day) and the wonderful rompler-laden gems from the PS1 era, especially the stuff that came from mid-1990s Namco (the Tekken 2 Arranged soundtrack made for the PS1 release is on regular rotation in my house). For the latter, Nobuyoshi Sano/SanoDG is a massive inspiration, who also went on to compose Drakengard, which was the precursor to the Nier series, which has perhaps the greatest soundtracks ever.

Man, I could go on and on. Videogame OSTs forever.

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Thanks! Glad you like it!!

Yes!! Super Mario World has a very cool soundtrack, and some interesting relations between the tracks made for the game. 90s PS1 era music & sounds are simply insane - the sound FXs from Silent Hill, is way better than the sequels imho. I think at the time, limitation of the hardware (and introduction of CD music) allowed composers and designers to take things forward in very cool ways. Things were new and limited, which brings creativity.

Followed by the PS2 era too… Which I am digging in very hard these days - managed to get a PS2 with SD card for loading games… As you say, there so many cool things in video games from those times! There should be a thread for VideoGame OSTs… :loopy:


The song on the OT is the best of course :wink:

If I may ask, what’s the reasoning to go with 80 or 160 BPM?