DT + Animoog – weird PB and WH modulation?


I’ve got my DT hooked up to my iPad via a CCK. I’ve setup track 9 to send on MIDI channel 9, and the Animoog is receiving on that channel. The keys/sequence play nicely, but once I had set up the LFO to modulate one of Animoog’s parameters (the delay time), the DT started to transmit weird modulation to the pitch bend and mod wheel. The modulation is visible in the Animoog interface, and it’s hearable in the audio, of course. The thing is, once I set the LFO (in the DT) to off (not modulating anything), the PB/MW modulation doesn’t want to go away. No trig locks. PB and MW are disabled on the SRC page of track 9.

What am I missing?


OK, now I see the MIDI sequence has got a lot of Trig Conditions after all. I was sure it was clear, because I started with a new project… I’ve cleared the Trid Conditions, but there’s still a lot of individual step Parameter Locks. How do I clear them?


See page 34 of the manual:

Remove a single parameter lock by holding [TRIG] + pressing the DATA ENTRY knob of the locked pa- rameter. You can erase all parameter locks from a trig if you remove the note trig and then enter it again.

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