DT > Bass Station 2 arpegg - what am i doing wrong?

Here’s a headscratcher and i’m sure i’m missing something obvious, but right now an old set isn’t working anymore and i can’t think why. This set is a basic beat (samples on DT) and an arpeggiated riff on the BS2 (triggered by Track A on the DT). It worked fine last time i loaded it up but now it will only play one short note, not the 4x 32-step length notes that are p-locked to the first step of the DT’s Track A. The Arp is enabled on the BS2 and plays fine if i hold down the notes on its keyboard, but the 4x held notes sent from the DT will only play a short 1-note… ?? There are no CC or LFO assignments to mess things up. Cheers!

[edit] gahh i forgot that the BS2 arp needs to be set to ‘In’ mode by pressing Func+Latch, otherwise it won’t receive notes - a setting that isn’t saved with the patch


Was about to suggest this. Had the same problem in the past. Glad you sorted it out !

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That always gets me as well!

Nice to have those aha moments though :thinking:

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