DT + DN for live sets and general workflow questions


I’m planning to move away from the computer and start making music with Elektron boxes.

I own an analog rytm for 2 years now but mainly used it to record it and arrange in Ableton.

I am considering moving to DN + DT for a simplified workflow now.

In the future I plan to play live sets with it and before I jump into making tracks I would love to do some pre-planning.

For now my idea was to create full tracks using patterns and chaining them to replay in song mode (so I could tweak some other paramters and not worry about changing patterns) and record some automations for the tracks this way as well.

I would treat one project as a “set” and one bank as a “song” and have some questions there:

  1. Is it possible to “mirror” the song layout of DN with DT - so one would play synth part, the other drums, and they would follow the order of the songs together? Also with transitions from one bank/song to another?

  2. In the future, if for example I created a song but would like to use it in a different set and in different playing order is there a comfortable way to move entire songs through different projects to create new sets with songs from various previous projects?

  3. I would love to use my sub37 along the way to play live - is there any way to comfortably include it in this workflow?

  4. I am still on the verge about using DN + DT or keeping my AR2 + DN - are there pros for using DT with DN instead of AR? Are they more “compatible”?

Or maybe what I’m trying to do is too much of a hassle/not viable and it would be better to use Ableton instead trying to create full sets on Elektron on the long run?

I thank in advance for all the replies!

Yes. DT and DN have the same Song mode. You can build independent Song structure on each box or you can use only one box to build a Song and make the other box follow it with Program Change.

Yes. DT and DN have Audio inputs (1/4). You can sync the Sub37 with a MIDI cable. If you don’t always want to play Live, you can also sequence it with any box as they have dedicated MIDI Tracks.

There are plenty of other threads discussing the differences between DT and AR. Use the Search function Digitakt vs Rytm. You may also want to look at this video :