DT makes a fine synth imo. Oh and here's a wavetable pack w the worst aliasing you've ever heard

I love making oscillators out of things. I get some insane bass tones by looping and modulating the start time of drum hits.

for a long time I wanted to try scanning wavetable synthesis on the DT and finally got around to doing it. here is a pack of wavetables for you to have.

the wavetables are 60 waves long. I exported individual waveforms from the Waveedit software and reassembled them in octachainer. you can too, these programs are free. all credit goes to the wavetable and app makers.

there is a document in the folder with instructions on how to scan the wavetables. if you’re familiar with the timestretch trick you’ll be familiar.

As the title states, there is aliasing worse than you’ve ever heard because there’s no way to do bandwidth limiting on DT. some are okay, some are downright unusable. still, I like it a lot. the filter takes a lot of it out (not all of it). the synth lead from the video I posted yesterday is one of the wavetables. sounds like a magic flute.

either way, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :slight_smile:


thank you for this! downloaded the pack and my evening was shot to hell in the good way. this is something i had been meaning to explore for a while. i love how filthy
they are. it reminds me a bit of the wiard waveform city’s 8 bit crunch.


no, thank you! glad you like it!

Wooooooooow thanks for sharing this, I love using the Digitakt as a synth!

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