DT microtonaly

initially said : I never worked with DT so far - rather checking out what makes the DT differ from an OT at the moment. As microtonality is important for me, 2 things popped into my mind:

1.) Would an DT recording MIDI will also accept pitch bent midi notes by an Hpi ( https://hpi.zentral.zone/tbx2 ) ?
2.) What if recording MIDI from an MPE-Instruments like a Roli? Will the DT accept it too?


I think for Roli you need a desktop application over USB, would not work without or as direct midi if i’m correct.

I wouldn’t know if DT accepts it but could give it a try recording some while pitch bending…

Hi, I mentioned Roli after I´m oscillating between that an a Linnstrument. So, for this a Linnstrument with a Midi Out is what I meant then. Sorry for not being all clear about it.

I couldn’t detect any pitchbend from my midi keyboard to/through the digitakt.

I doubt anything more advanced than note trigger , gate time and velocity are recorded though I haven’t done much midi input on digitakt.
You may be able to map things into midi cc , but that not exactly taking advantage of the roli type devices and its need another box to translate things.
And each note is a single voice on DT , not a nice lush pad with many many parameters , layers to manipulate though you could use multiple voices .
To get finer pitch than typical a,b,c,d you’ve got tune but that’s a midi cc if controlling it via midi.
Or you just use weirdly tuned samples. , waveforms and loop points.