DT MOTU crashes

Hi guys,

DT Version 1.2
MacOS 10.14.6
Cuemix version 1.6

Anyone else having issues with MOTU interfaces and the DT?
I have 828 mk3 hybrid and the DT is crashing Cuemix all the time, its unusable.
I cant even jam with my other gear, let alone use the DT in my DAW!
This happened with previous DT version 1.11 i think… or since the last 2 upgrades anyway.
This happens on OB mode and USB midi settings.
I can downgrade but its risky- has anyone done this successfully?


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It’s a known issue with OB

Seems to effect the older cuemix style interfaces more than the modern AVB driver interfaces.

You could try using your 828mk3 hybrid via FireWire (with FireWire to TB adapter, if necessary)


It might be a daft question, but is OB even involved when im not using a DAW?

It is, or can be. Or doesn’t have to be.
That’s up to you.
But OB does not require a DAW.

OK so if OB isnt involved in this instance how can it be OB thats the issue?
I will def try the firewire option and see if that does the trick…

Some USB peripherals cause problems for others. The driver for your DT could be experiencing conflicts endured by the older Cuemix driver.

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I see this is an old thread but I am having same issue, Can’t use OB inside a project without crashing the MOTU interfaces (2xUltralikeMK3).

Any fix or workaround on this?