DT Overbridge - no longer synced to transport

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and has any workarounds / troubleshooting suggestions:

I’m having a new issue with Overbridge that didn’t exist before (I did just update to 1.30 but haven’t used the DT in a couple of months at least, so may have forgotten a crucial setting). Previously when using Overbridge, the DT was synced to my DAW’s transport - so pressing play in the DAW would start the DT’s sequencer. Lovely. This now works some of the time, but for some reason not always - at a certain point it’ll just stop syncing, then at some stage it might pick up again without me changing anything. It’s confusingly erratic…

Any ideas?

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same here. please help us elektron papi

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yeh this happened to me yesterday. initially working fine (i.e clock and transport) then the transport connection just stopped altogether. still receives tempo adjsutment but thats it. tried deleting/replacing the plugin, checked and reset settings in the DT, restarted ableton, its just not happening. Mac OS 10.15.6, Live 11, DT 1.30. OB most recent version. irritating. i vaguely remember similar behaviour a while back that eventually sorted itself out, but cant remember how

mine ableton project freezes when i push rec. in ableton, the whole project freezes, incl. the DT. upgraded to the newest firmware, wich is massive…so if this problem stays, i will diss overbridge. and record the while DT in 1 track