DualVCO setting .. not mentioned in Mk1 manual

hi noticed today this setting in DVCO wich is not described in the manual. What is it?
It appears after Ringmod and FM.

Sounds a bit like crossmod.

Does anyone know for sure?

I don’t have this on Mk2, latest OS. Are you sure it’s not R with a few missing pixels? Also what number is the waveform? Mine ends on 79.

From the manual (MKII) :

CFG (Osc Config) selects the waveforms and interaction of the two oscillators. There are two different waveforms for oscillator 1 (sine, sinesaw) and five different waveforms for oscillator 2 (sine, skewed sine, triangle, sinesaw, saw).

“+” = Mixes the oscillators.
“R” = Ring modulation.
“F” = Frequency modulation (linear) with osc 1 as the carrier. (Does not pitch track 100% correct)
“FR” = Frequency modulation (linear) and Ring modulation (Does not pitch track 100% correct)
“_” = Resets the oscillators on trig.

interesting, i downloaded the manual today…this line isn’t there

Appendix D : Machines

Yep, it’s not in the Mki manual. I checked it just now. So that symbol must be the only way to represent FR on the Mki. @eangman, one for your attention :slight_smile:


thats where i checked


it’s missing in the MKI manual, it’s only in the MKII manual


Yep. I tagged the guy who writes them above :wink:

I like it. Good guess.

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Yeah my bad, I will take care of it. As always, thanks for bringing these things to my attention :slight_smile:


There, fixed and updated the manual.