Dubathonic - Ascension

More MnM exploration. Comments welcome, thanks if you listen.


Nice mellow tune. Did you play the solo melody parts live?


thanks man. and, no, i was just messing with the arp. still got lots to learn :wink:

Very relaxing tunes! :+1: MnM only? IMO, it is very convenient for percussion, as well, although a bit hard to control beats while performing…

Really like this one, Dub! Clap/snare work is really cool here.

Lovely chords and overall vibe!

I’d also be interested to hear why you didn’t use an OT in this and your other latest posts. back to the roots?

That’s a nice little tune. Amazing how much you can squeeze out of just one pattern, eh?

You mentioned that you were just using the arp for the melodies. I’ve been discovering the power of the arp for this use too. If you get a good arp scale set up on a single trigger and then copy and paste that arp trigger in various ways in the step sequencer, you can make some wicked shit. That whole “chopped scales” effect of breaking up the arp pattern is crazy cool. It’s a great way for coming up with basslines too.

Sounds really good - I like! A lot

Really nice chill track Chad! The main riff somehow puts me in mind of Moments in Love. Love the groove. The bass line interacts really well with the other parts. :+1:

@freefall, @adonis - thanks, glad you guys dug! and freefall cool idea, looking fwd to trying it next session :slight_smile:

@rady - thanks man … the synth lines were mono, the percussion was all md run thru the mono’s inputs. If you’re playing the mono solo, try p-locking the volume of some of the hits on a percussion track, then you can silence / restore the non-plocked ones with a volume knob tweak.

@veets - gracias g … btw the perc was all internal synths iirc.

@mk7 - thanks m … i’m not avoiding the ot intentionally by any means, just trying to learn the mono so i can figure out the best way to incorporate it into the setup. still not sure i want to gig with it, mainly cos imho its interface doesn’t lend itself to improv nearly as well as the ot or md do. currently exploring whether i can use the minicommand to circumvent this issue.

@polyslax - glad you liked m … still assembling my scattered bits o’ knowledge on the mono every session, so even a remote comparison to art of noise at this point is a high compliment :wink:

you got yourself a monomachine? wow!

Really curious to know what you will do with it!

As for this track: really nice chill out track! Keep them coming

nice track!

You know it would be really good for the live peeps if there was something like the Machinedrum Morphor for Monomachine. That way you could ipad mangle the Mono. I’m not a livesetter nor a Lemur programmer but if someone out there wanted to do this it would probably be a hit. Just thinking out loud here :-J