Dubby techno/house & ambient tunes

hey guys finally got around to sorting through a pile of jams that’d been growing the past 6 months or so.

decided to split into two batches mostly from older to newer but also the first was recorded mostly into individual channels on ableton and the last was into the input on my field recorder

vol 1 - https://robinhewson.bandcamp.com/album/delete-vol-1

vol 2 - https://robinhewson.bandcamp.com/album/untitled-vol-2

my setup: octatrack, mfb 522, blofeld, alpha juno, and just happily added an a4 to the family so its on a couple of the second batch tracks.

used ableton and ozone 6 to master and things were sounding decent in my headphones and monitors but in my car the low end is blowing over everything else so my apologies if they don’t sound great on some of your speakers.

curious what you guys think as i’m really indebted to the site for the trove of info and indirect encouragement its given me :slight_smile: