Dumping sysex, only 128 sounds?

If i dump “all sounds” to C6 it says it only recieved 128 sounds, same if i dump “whole project”, only 128 sounds.

To test if it really saves all soundbanks I renamed one sound in bank 6 and sent the “whole project” (saved before the renaming) back to A4. This sound was still renamed so it wasnt overwritten by the old backuped sysex. So i guess this bank is not saved :frowning:

Is there any way to save all sounds? I’ve spent a few days now doing a lot of new sounds, it would suck if i lost them.

Is Overbridge eventually going to have a save function? I looked but was very disappointed to not find any way of saving my soundbank to the computer, you’d think that’s kind of the first function to include (+ possilby an easy way to sort and rename sounds etc)…

Many thanks!

maybe someone at least could tell me if this is normal behaviour for this software (only 128 sounds)… it would be extemely helpful. thanks.

The SysEx ‘All’ refers to a single project. If you read the manual, it says that a project sound pool contains 128 sounds.