Duo-Digi Owners: which one would you take?

I’m about to go to Boston for the week- and much to my dismay it looks like I’ll only be able to take one of my Digiboxes.

Which one should I take?

FYI: I’ll also be bringing with me an iPad and also I’ve got an Electribe 2 on its way to Boston.

I’d like answers and reasoning


I travel with Digitakt. It fits me as I usually travel with only on-board luggage. When the luggage is not a concern I would take also Nord G2 rack.

Personally, I am really into taking Digitone away for travel jam sessions. Hard to say why, but it’s kind of such a nice and self-contained world you can just plug some headphones in and develop some beautiful sequences to record when you get back.

I really like that I can easily do percussion and musical sequences on the Digitone. Personally I think it is easier to program percussion on a Digitone than it is to program melodies on a Digitakt. I guess I find manually placing note triggers in DT a bit slower, it’s a bit more arduous creating melodies on the box.

Perhaps next time I should take DT instead just so I learn it a bit more…


I definitely favor the DT- and I went into it pretty certain I was going to take it. But I’m taking the Tone. I need to make up my comfort level that I have with the Takt.

I haven’t really jammed on it solo, so this was a long time coming.

It really is crazy fast recording musical elements on the DN though- I struggled with it for the first five minutes and then it immediately switched to expert mode. Rivaled only by the A4

went through security, TSA asked me “what’s the Digitakt for?”

So that was pretty cool #blessed


I’d take DN + iPad… which you ended up taking as well? :nyan:

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Which ever one of the two you’d want to play / improve your skills on, etc…? really, is it something you wanted the forum to decide for you? Electribe 2 (sampler?) is obv. more like a DT, so … ?

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The reasoning behind which it’s whats more interesting.

I’m not making a decision based on popular vote, but based on multiple thought processes and seeing things from these other points of view and determining if mine is more/less valid that someone else’s reasoning.

Which I DID accept a reasoning not my own- I was originally going to take the DT- ended up taking the DN