Duophonic Sequencing of the ARP Odyssey with the A4 (CV/Gate only!)


can you remember my recent Post where i asked about the Oscillator Drift Issue i had with the ARP Odyssey while controlling it via CV/Gate? Well, happened that i “discovered” something else along the way as i tried to figure out a Solution for that :slight_smile:

The Odyssey can be sequenced duophonically with just CV/Gate coming from the Analog Four ^^ I made a Video about that matter and wanna share that with you now:

Maybe this is of use for some of you. I found it very interesting that this is actually possible. You can send different CV Signals on the Tip and the Ring and the Odyssey actually reacts to that :slight_smile:

So yeah, hope some of you might find this useful.

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Great video has usual , Thanks !

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thanks mate! youre welcome :slight_smile:

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