Earworms, aka next level self-trolling

Pretty much on daily basis I am subject to earworms: fragments of pop songs looping in my head. Often starts right after waking up and popping on and off randomly during the day. A particular song could sound for just a day or for a whole week. Now my brain upped the self-trolling to the next level by looping Kylie Minogue’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head over and over :smiley:

The earworms aren’t bothering me. Sometimes I’m just surprised at what comes up 'cause it often has no relation to my musical taste. Much more to what I heard playing in the supermarket the day before, or some associative link to something said or seen. A song I haven’t heard in ages could come up like that.

Is it just me or are there more people here experiencing this?


I’ve always hated the musical stylings of Katy Perry- but when I was serving I’d often be at my wits end and then I would just be in the back singing her songs despite not knowing where I had heard them originally or why those were implanted in my psyche.

It sucks, but easier to execute than singing aphex twin songs

atleast you had kylie minogue. and sure, if you cant get that out of your mind… it might be anoying. but dear sir, may i up the ante… cause one day, i had the worst. I wished it was time to put on make up, i wished it was time to light the lights… or hearing mannam mannam. alaas… no… that day, it was a right out afair, i am afraid… that is what it was. cause i heard barbra sing, over and over again.
I am a woman in love, and i will do anything, to get you into my world and hold you within… its a riiiiiiiiight out affaiiiiiiiir… over and over again… ooh what will i do…
and it was horrible… over and over again… on that darn day.
so good news everybody… your not the only one…

Happens to me all the time. Sometimes it keeps me up at night. But always songs I like and usually totally random.


I read somewhere if you sing the end of the song it’ll dissipate into the either.


That tune by Mark Ronson and the girl that sticks her tongue out a lot, is a fantastic piece of modern pop.

It rattles around my head like a piece of flubber in an airtight cube.

I got into loop based music partly to help with the constant earwormary, I figured it was better to have my own loops going round and round than some of the awfull nonsense that ends up stuck in my earworm soundbank.


No it doesn t :wink:

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Haha nice one!

Though i ve had my fair deal of horrors… like Aqua: Barby Girl for over week!

Last night I dreamt of San Pedro.

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I’m working in a kitchen at the moment, we’re all in our mid twenties. When any of us has an earworm we just sing them out no matter how many notes or lyrics we’re actually hitting. It’s surprising how quickly people pick up these short phrases and melodies. We used to sing “We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine” for quite a while. Weirdest one that stuck around was the last segment of Die Vogelhochzeit “fi di ral la la la la”.

Nice to see these collective earworms come and go.


oh, now i feel lucky… I never had barbie-girl yet…

“Genius of Love” by Tom Tom Club got burned into my head thanks to one of my part time jobs that seemed to only have about three hours of random pop hits on rotation. I still chuckle every time I hear it though, it’s such a goofy, playful earworm of a song.

I’ll sing out loud anything from Ariana Grande to Smash Mouth. I don’t care, pop songs can be great fun, and earworms are earworms for a reason.

i have genetically modified earworm lab in my head that constantly produces mutant earworms.
single component earworms are boring. so mine are combinations of 2 or 3 or even more songs.
i always post them to facebook to infect my friends and subscribers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Always have music in my head. Triggered by a word, a noise, a rhythm, or just self-developing.
At times it can be annoying, when I want to sleep for instance… or when I absolutely hate the song.

My previous technique was to learn how to play the song.
But I developed a technique way more convenient that works any time: I use one particular song to get rid of them all.

I absolutely love Atlas Sound’s “Walkabout”, with Panda Bear. A very positive sound that I can never get bored of :smiley:

That’s my earworm killer.

Wow, never knew this was a term! There’s always a beat, loop or phrase running in my internal sound system - I thought everyone had? Is there any other state out there? In any case, don’t think I want to trade :slight_smile:

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Yeah I always used to get random songs, even ones I never listened to like “Rhinestone Cowboy” and weird stuff like that.

Now I have an ongoing thing with friends where we try and get each other with songs like this

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I got earworms a lot, but today I’m free!! Sometimes I got more than one in a day, it’s awesome how many music we can remember even though we heard only once (intentionally or not!).

In general, 90’s/early 00’s music is hard to beat in these terms… but recently my earworm was this:

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… unless you grew up in 80s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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