Edit waveform of imported samples in Rytm MKII?

Hey guys!

I was wondering; digitakt lets you edit the waveform (eg star/end) of imported samples. It shows the waveform in the device screen. Is this also possible on the rytm mk2? How?

I believe that’s only for live recorded samples

Maybe it will be available in a future update

Yeah i figured. Strange though; i thought the sampling features were exactly the same as the digitakt

This is necessary

you can’t do this on the mk2 rytm? seems like a strange omission

You can always resample

Sample engines are totally different between rytm and digitakt. Sampling menu is the same on the mkii but the actual playback of samples is handled differently. Takt is more refined

Sample playback with waveforms would be extremely useful on the rytm mk2. Right now chopping up, for example, a bongo or shaker loop is a real pain. I really hope it will be added in a future update. It would also further differentiate this awesome machine from its competitors.

yeah hopefully someone is listening / viewing this :wink:

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chop it up on pc, xfer via usb
break it up into chunks that are easy to dial in via start points (basically make a sample chain ).
search the forum if you need info on sample chains , transfer app ,

i think the work done on usb / overbridge 2 is partly to remove the need for normal things like waveform view.its probably been a request on a list somewhere since rytm was released years ago (or whenever sample use was added , if it was a separate firmware update).

presumably if you are ‘importing’ a sample its coming from a mac/pc / another machine with an os/big screen

I sold my DT as I thought it was surplus to requirements, as I already own an ARmk2. I thought ARmk2 had more or less the identical sample functionality to the DT. Just tried viewing a sample chain waveform to choose the noises I wanted via conditional trigs and NOTHING i.e. no waveform view like DT, unless you resample. Even when you resample, the waveform graphics/size within the screen are bad, so it’s not as easy to manage as in DT…why is this not a feature on AR?? Seems totally ridiculous to me, given it’s the more premium machine - I’m sure it’s more than capable of this.

Elektron - please sort this out!

Thank you


Yes Jimbo, I fully agree! Hopefully people at Elektron see this thread. @Olle ??


Interesting read! I was thinking about updating my Analog Rytm mk1 to mk2 because I like the way samples work in the Digitakt. I was under the impression that the more expensive and later released Analog Rytm had the same samples view than the Digitakt.

So was I. I was so wrong :laughing:.

Should have checked this out before selling the DT. I’m hopeful Elektron will sort this out though as it can’t be too much of a stretch for ARmk2 to manage.

Isn’t the Digitakt screen bigger than th AR one!??

Good question - I think it’s the same, however I can’t check now as sold the DT :grin:

Just checked the manuals and they both have a 128x64 pixel OLED screen, so guessing they are same spec and therefore can display the same GUI as each other.

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The Digitakt has a parameter LEN that I don’t think the Analog Rytm has right?

Length sets the length of the playback of the sample. Start + Length effectively define the end point of the portion of the sample that is played. (0.00–120.00)

How about the decimals, can a Rytm set values like 110.17?

DT = Start + LEN
AR = Start + End


The recording of samples through the 1/4" inputs is same on DT as it is ARMK2
However, playback is not.

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This was a big concern of mine when buying a RYTM after using a friend’s digitakt. I have not found the limited start/end resolution on the RYTM to be an actual problem in any practical use sequencing different parts of samples though.