Editing seems to bump threads

I think when the OP edits the first post of a thread, the thread gets bumped in the process.

That’s bad – for instance, I edited a sale thread to reflect the fact that the item is sold, and now it’s on the top of the ‘recent’ list.

Yep. :slight_smile:

It’s handy for that reason too, but you make a sound point … mods can close or even hide a thread if you wish so it will sorta vanish from view

Yes, I can see some utility in this behavior, that’s true. If it’s intended, that’s cool. :slight_smile:

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some flag the post for this end fwiw … I hid yours, although I can still see it - and possibly yourself - others will not be able to browse it, but links to it will work :thup:

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Doing so is also a trigger for the moderators to close the topic; we don’t always have the time to look back at old topics to see whether they should be closed.

So every time I edit my For Sale post, it’s going to bump it? Is there a way to make it not get bumped?
I tend to change my Trades Interested In list fairly often, plus would like to keep my post up to date on what items have sold, as I wish everyone would. But, getting it bumped to the top doesn’t feel right, as I’m usually a once a week kind of bumper.

yes, but only by a moderator/admin and it probably wouldn’t be high on our wishlist of things to have a request to action - i believe the unbumping sets the post back to the op date so it’s going the other way as far as you’re concerned - there’s no perfect solution, maybe edit your post a little less to offset your worries, but i don’t think anyone will be pointing fingers, it’s effectively a new listing if you change the wants

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It may still be the case (it was in the past) that you are only allowed 32 edits to a post, and you have 7 already on your latest post.

I would advise simply updating less frequently.


I understand. I’m just going to change Trades List to a more “Whatcha Got?” approach, and only update weekly with what’s been sold, I guess. Thanks for the input.

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