Effects With Individuals Outs a4mk2

Does anyone know off hand where the effects are only through the main out? The manual only has one section where it says the effects patrh is parallel to the main out and mixed right before output. This leads me to believe they are only available through the main out.

they are only in the main out -just tested to be sure. Thanks

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The effects are send effects, so only available on the main bus.


well i found a work around kind of - only effects go to main outs. not ideal but whatever


good to know that it is possible to send fx only to the main outs!
so you can mix them to the individual outs on a mixer…

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You just have to consider like a DAW mixing project… Your machine as a BUS, what you need in the BUS for glueing together stay on the Master… What’s need a different focus on processing, a very dedicated attention gets out of the machine on an individual out to be processed differently.

it’s the most simple and understandable way to see this. For people who knows how a project is mixed in a DAW form start to finnish.

But the @phesago workaround is perfectly valid only the return coming back from the main outs… all the signals are individuals and the return is mixed on the master RYTM track as if it’s a Send/Return Track.
it’s easy in studio… but I prefer the Bus thinking method for a LIVE performance.

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