Electrical fault?

Hey there, just asking around to see if anyone knows what’s up with getting zapped by my digitone.

I’ve only had it for a couple of months but recently the four corner edges of the box have had the tendency to acquire a sharp feeling (like a needle prick, at first I was checking for a metal burr) when I brush against them with the digitone running. not all the time curiously but I do have it plugged into an earthed surge protector so everything should be kosher with the power source.

A friend mentioned it could be an issue with the power supply but it seems to be quite ephemeral, it’s my first real piece of gear aside from a volca sample so this may be a common issue but I’m curious to see if anyone else has had this?

I’m charmed by the way it shows up only at the 4 corner edges of the box, like there’s just a little cloud of plasma inside.

Unplug audio cables and try just the Digitone powered.

Hi! Check out this post from a while back.


Thanks, I should have hunted around more for a thread on the topic. That makes sense now that I see it explained. though it was funny to see them complain that 3 pronged power isn’t standard as I live in Australia where the ground is very much accessible through the socket.

having it connected to a computer does lessen it by offering an additional ground and so at least I have a workaround for now so it isn’t painful! :slight_smile: