Electron Model: Cycles Keys, why not?

It would be nice if Electron produce the keys version of the Model Cycles, as they did with the Digitone by producing the Digitone Keys. So, in this case 25 mini keys could be enough, and certainty better than the existing 16 buttons for playing melodies. The step sequencer can work through the 16 small pads that you can see in the picture bellow.

I think what I’m asking from Electron is logical, and in my opinion the Cycles has better FM drum sounds than the Digitone, of course the Digitone is a an FM beast when it comes to melodies, But, I don’t think that the Cycles is just a limited version of the Digitone, I personally see it as a different option.


Needs individual outs and poly mode. :slight_smile:

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It’s possibly more logical to assume that they’d expect you’d elect to use an external MIDI keyboard with it - that’s one i don’t see happening for a number or reasons - the MC is reasonably different to the DN, the DNK made more sense to me than this would - keep in mind this is seen more as a groovebox/drum than synth - ain’t no arguing that the keys input method isn’t fantastic tho


Cute ! I like the look.

I agree with avantronica’s points, but a mini-keys product from Elektron in the Model: line (and price category) would be fun.

On a practical level, Elektron would need to find a mini-keybed producer, that would match their requirements. Producing that part on their own would be too demanding.

Fun idea though !

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Some people enjoy to go at a park and to chill making music, so in this case now you have to take with you your laptop, a bunch of cables your midi keyboard and your Model Cycles! Some other people travel a lot and it is convenient to them to have one unit and to be and battery powered (internally). Even in the studio or for live performances, having 2 octaves mini keys without any other hassle of connections will kepp your other setup more clean and convenient.

A Model Cycles with 25 keys it is going to be an instant and huge best seller, especially if it is battery powered.

When it comes to standalone devices such as grooveboxes the most important aspects are portability and convenience, and beyond that, it is a different feeling when you have the keyboard to be one with the unit.

On the Digitone and the Digitakt the user produce melodic stuff easily without to use any additional keyboard because their buttons are bigger and more convenient to use them. But, with these small 16 buttons in a row it is extremely difficult to play melodies.

Saw thread title, though “shit idea”.

Saw mockup image, thought “ok, I see your point”.

It’ll never happen though


Get a battery powered 25 key wii rockband keytar. It has 5 pin midi out and emits midi notes, pitch and mod wheel on channel 1. Costs like $30.

It could be cool, I wouldn’t mind a less traditional keybed… elektrons take on a buchla touch keybed would be neat, especially if they are trying to keep it in a small package size. They would have to make it well though which is maybe easier said than done, considering their track record with velocity pads.

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Another practical problem for Elektron is they price the Digitone Keys so reasonable it doesn’t leave a lot of room, to squeeze this in price wise.

Maybe not from Elektron, but others do or are doing things that are similar. Small, battery powered and portable.