Electronic beginnings / DIGITAKT

I’ve spend the last year slowly getting back into making music after buying a Digitakt to focus my electronic composition around. It’s been a wonderful process so far, but meticulously slow.

Hit Jump Win - My first track took an unexpected turn toward Chiptune:

Safe Confinement - is, I guess, dystopian synthwave and has born the weight of lockdown:

My setup involves DAWless composition on the Digitakt, which I try to use as fully as possible to sequence samples and over MIDI my: Streichfett, Circuit Mono Station, Argon8M, Reface CP and most recently some soft-synths too.

I like to split my process into distinct phases:

  1. sound design across my synths
  2. composition, sequencing with the Digitakt
  3. Recording Logic Pro, using Overbridge and a multichannel audio interface to record everything at once
  4. Arrangement, recording additional parts, pairing back
  5. Mixing
  6. Mastering

The process has been slow as I’ve tried to improve my composition, mixing and mastering skills as I go. But this setup has been enjoyable I’ve been able commit to completing each phase and to move my production forwards.

I think the next track deserves a quicker birth…


Both tracks are very accomplished. Very nice work. Keep em coming! :yellow_heart:


Thanks @craig. I’ve seen you around as a very active member of this community, so your feedback means a lot to me.

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You’re welcome. And related to your first post, you’ll get faster the more tracks you make :slight_smile:

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