Electronic Contact Cleaner Stain

Hey all!

Housekeeping question. I hit my OTMK1 with contact cleaner last night to tighten up my knob response and there was a stain/residue left on my faceplate after I was done.

Has anyone had an issue like this before? If so how might I solve it? I was gonna hit it again with a quick blast in hopes that it will buff itself out but I don’t want to further aggravate the existing stain. I use electro kleen solution in aerosol.

My Advice:
Do not use this shite. This is for cleaning PCBs, not raping your gear with it.
These are premium encoders, they hold for ages and then break and replaced.
Using this stuff will shorten their lifespan as the fatty stuff in the encoders will change it’s viscosity (is this a word?).

Yeah not recommended to spray this kind of product into anything like potentiometers or encoder and switches that you’d like to continue working reliably, it could strip out the conductive grease and cause the part to fail/wear out/get worse. Electrical contact cleaner, WD40 and Electronic solvent based cleaners are not suitable for this kind of thing, the only one that I know of that is specifically designed for audio potentiometers is Caig Faderlube, for switches Caig DeOxit and they do a bunch of other products for similar maintenance work, but you need to know what you are doing to select the right product for the component you want to service.

Dudes! Thank you for your input. Sadly, the damage is done. It did tighten up response for the moment, but who knows. Time will tell. I popped off my knobs to take a look and they had accumulated quite a bit of fuzz so, long story long I probably should have just done that in the first place. Oh well. Gives me the option to pop off the face place and stylize it haha. Thanks again fellow 'naughts…

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