Elektron Analog Four+MI Clouds | Ambiant Industrial

Here is a little ambiant improvisation on Analog four and Mutable Instruments Clouds:
Hope you like it!


Je kiffe !

Huge !
Does the clouds plays a big role here ? I’m realy impressed by your performance, can you explain a bit more ?

Yes, please. Great work. I want a clouds so badly.

Thank you for the nice words!
It’s a very simple setup, the A4 output goes direct into Clouds and I adjust dry/wet on it while playing with parameters, freezing, etc.

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How many tracks do you play on the A4 ? I’m curious cause as far as I know the Clouds seems to be the perfect device to get rich evolving textures like this.

Two or three tracks maximum, the clouds reverb works very well to “thicken” things


OK, thx for the tips.

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nice one! Did you ever tried send LFOs via CV outs to Clouds? Clouds loves to be manipulated by some CV :slight_smile:

How do you have clouds in that tinny case?

@insect : Yes CV works nice from a4 to clouds, but I didn’t use it on this video!

@VDB : It’s a custom case I made with doepfer A100 alimentation.

And just so I’m clear on the thickness aspect: the FB does nothing…?

Love the first/last couple of minutes of episode 02, some great textures being created.