Elektron analog rytm mk2 knobs problems


First of all thanks for this forum. This is my first post but I’m following this forum for quite a lo g time. :slight_smile:
I have a sad problem, the 8 knobs you have on the upper right(from A to H).
I have some knobs that doesn’t react like they should. If u turn a knob normally the parameters goes smooth. But with the knobs A and E if u turn it or touch it a little bit like ticking on it it jumps from +1 to +12. So it is very difficult now to set a right parameter…
I hope someone knows what I can do about this… I kept hem till now in my studio and handle it with love so I don’t know how this could happen.
I know with my korg emx in the time I had the same problem. But only if he had cold. When he was in room and on temperature it was okay :roll_eyes:


you can gauge the encoder performance in a test mode accessed via booting whilst holding the function key - be sure to only access the test mode and first check the manual on how to do this as there’s paths to erase your machine in that menu too

it should give a visual feedback of the encoder performance - compare them all there and share a video with support if they are not consistent

the test mode would also report on general hardware issues if any, but this sounds like it’s the encoder (well, if it’s a mk2 it’s actually an endless potentiometer and these are supposed to be much more robust than the older actual encoder ones which are more prone to this through ageing )

maybe pick up a dustcover if it proves to be related to something like that, but don’t do any lubricating interventions unless support advise you what is safe

I don’t recall much noise on this affecting Mk2s so it could be something else altogether

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Problems with Knob Behavior?

-> enter test mode: hold FUNC while turning on the Rytm
-> choose test 1 with Trig1
-> take 1-2 minutes to really spin each knob