Elektron Grammofon Compilation?

Hi there Elektron and Elektronauts, silly me again with another silly idea:
A machine dedicated (marketing promo) series on vinyl/digital to be released on Elektron Grammofon ??? (If Elektron Grammofon, is still active and a thing?)

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be featured on an official compilation displaying your crafty tunes and wizardry?
  • Would @Elektron be interested into participating/playing the benefactor in something like this???
  • A vinyl/digital series of compilations ‘hommage to elektron’ with each volume being dedicated to one specific singular Elektron machine, and every once and a while a Elektron only combination of machines? (and the occasional B-side remixes :wink: Maybe an exclusive Sound Sampler, like in the oldskool days, nowadays basically called samplepack; where elektronauts are asked to submit a sample of their strangest sounds/best beats/FX using only Elektron gear for some remixing comp or entertainment pleasure)
  • Direct User Feedback in the way of musical expression/results of elektronauts lovingly abusing their coveted Elektron hardware
  • Featured contenders/tracks to be handpicked/selected by a panel of Elektron staff (e.g. @ess, @Dataline…) in a friendly ‘competition-like’ auditioning where artist can submit 1 track per category. (DT only, DN only, MnM, Combi, you get the idea… *preferrably with minimal external post processing)
  • Subscribe to a ‘NOFX-like 7" of the month club’ Patrion kinda way?

Obviously there are a lot of inhouse dedicated tunes demonstrating the sound spectrum of machines already, so what would this idea bring to the table?
Well, Its about being part of the community thing and inclusiveness, sharing the love for music/elektron hardware, expression and synergy. And on the side challenging users to present themselves and turn their machines inside out for more awesome and unexpected results.

These tunes will definitely inspire to gain ‘future new users/customers’ and demonstate the vast range of style and possibillities Elektron products share.

Official physical vinyl pressings/Limited editions
The product goal (album series) obviously doesn’t have to be published and pressed on vinyl per definition (for obvious financial reasons, unless being funded by patrions/subscribers in advance to every new upcoming special limited edition/release) But to be added to ‘the hall of fame’ on the official Elektron Grammofon label, i bet, would whet anyone’s apetite to progress, produce their best and grow their skillsets. Who knows what the future foresees, Volume release parties/Live performances??? (+ add your ideas here)

Anybody interested in sharing their ideas about this topic, feel free to do so
I would most definitely submit to this goal and hope to get featured/handpicked!


** obviously this recording should be licensed under Creative Commons. The artist keeps their rights and nobody makes profit/feels exploited (besides obvious company promotional/marketing means/coast)

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Sounds a bit too much like the X factor with a panel of judges. Let the community decide. Its much fairer.

It’s meant as a friendly competition, nothing to gain but end up in the hall of fame. There is no commercial exploiting. Anyone can participate, and most of all it’s all just of an idea right now.
So any feedback/suggestions are welcome

Xfactor sucks, obviously, but it’s more like a ‘challenge’ kinda thing, nothing being judgmental.

And obviously yes, the community should play a big part in it as well. Maybe have it 50/50?

I would suggest ‘a compilation’ to express the wide variety in styles/application. Not be a ‘techno’ or ‘endless drone’ only kinda thing. But it would be refreshing to hear nice & tight productions, wonky stuff and crazy unexpected results as showcasing a broad range of the elektron sound palette

Really nice idea :ok_hand:

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