Elektron like delay effect pedal?

Can anyone recomend a delay effect pedal with behaviour similar to the Delay effects in the elektron boxes. What i am looking for specifically is a delay effect where you can overdrive the feedback signal a lot. And where you also have a LP and HP filter in the feedback path. Do this pedal exist?

The pedal I don’t know, but with any simple delay you can do what you want if you also have a mixing console: just connect your delay pedal on a console track, send the audio signal to it using efx send, and connect the return to another track. Then apply again the efx send to this return track and take care to larsen effect. The final effect will be even better than any digital sophisticated delay. You will ear lot of strange harmonics, even larsens if you want, just by reinjecting the delay in itself.

Was gonna suggest the same thing. It’s an ancient dub music technique and sounds wonderful with even a cheap mixer and delay.

Just a friendly warning: Watch out for too much feedback! You can easily create a speaker-destroying feedback loop. So start with the aux send of the delay channel at zero and slowly bring it up, and play with the low and high EQ of the mixer to get suitable dub delay.

Thanks for the suggestions, but i am really looking for a solution to keep my setup as minimal as possible (for the band i am playing in). And i rather not have to lug around a mixing console. An effect pedal (or something similar in size) is what i am after. A simple out of the box solution.


A Strymon Timeline perhaps? According to my knowledge, all the delays have a highpass filter that has a frequency control, and there’s a specific delay type called Filter, which also has a low-pass filter, that offers more precise control of it’s behaviour.

Not the cheapest pedal around, but sounds damn amazing, has lots of different types of delay effects available and imo is well worth the money.

get a second hand Monomachine mk1, it works wonders as an FX-box. Think of it this way: you can sequence, filter and chain up to SIX independent delays,in addition to the FX-machines that can do some interesting things on their own. I’ve seen MK1’s for as low as $450, definately a lot of good digital delay for the money

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This has everything you need and more in a compact box

It has the hp/lp and an overdrive stage that will make angels weep in heaven.

Only minor downside is it has no beat sync so you have to set the repeat intervals by ear (old school) but it’s easy and you’ll soon find your sweetspot settings and just dial them in every time.

Or - for less than 100 euros get a zoom multi stomp ms70 chorus/delay/reverb - a real pedal with tempo sync/tap, and a foot switch, if that’s your thing.

It has about 15 different delay models - some based on the strymon, mxr, tape echos, etc

Many of them have filters and drive plus lots of other fancy tricks. You can chain up to 6 effects on the unit (like a virtual pedalboard) and add additional dedicated eq, drives etc front and back of your delay.

For the price it’s a no brainer and it sounds good.


I’m using the Zoom MS70-CDR alongside a Strymon Timeline, Mobius, Big Sky, Eventide Space, TC Electronic Fireworx & it still holds it’s own. It really is a cool little pedal.

This is exactly what i was looking for! Thanks!

This is exactly what i was looking for! Thanks![/quote]
You should order quick - he only does limited runs and they sell out quick.

Got the PTDealy a few hours ago. And I just have to say that I am super satisfied! It really sounds amazing! And it is also super easy to control. Exactly what i was looking for.

Thanks a lot for the tip Housecliche! :+1:

Just saw that Mr Bugs has made a new batch of PTDelays. This edition with a banana CV input. If you like delays you should really check one of these out. Its a truly fantastic little box.