Elektron Live Set - Octatrack FX-Box Style on Basement State

Felt really good to play for a live audience again, even if I was actually just dancing in my living room by myself.

Digitakt (master clock, pattern master), Digitone (chords, leads, melodies, bass), Octatrack (mixer, fx-box, external remixer). Ever since I got my workflow down with the Octatrack a few years back I can’t imagine doing live electronic music any other way.


Heyy, here you are! Happily listened to it yesterday. Loved those (electro / French house ish) basses in Spoiled Boy, great track full stop.

Could you spare a minute and explain how you process the mic? I feel embarrassed already just thinking of my voice in a song, but I think it would be fun to sing, if only I could mangle it far enough. Loved how you used and processed your voice.

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I really enjoyed this! Great work! I particularly enjoyed the 2nd half.

As someone new to Elektron gear, and very rusty with music making in general, this and your Octatrak tutorial vids have been very helpful and inspirational.

Thanks a lot!

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I was using an SM57 into the TC Electronic Perform VE. I used a bunch of FX but mostly it was a filter with reverb. That was being sent directly into the Digitakt. I would just toggle monitoring on when I wanted to be heard.

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Thank you so much!

Ah, I was wondering if it was just done with DT input & effects. Will try it some time with my OT, first couple of tries with vocals I wasn’t able to hide/change them beyond recognition, but I’ll just have to try and mangle some more. Great stuff!

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