Elektron Overbridge & Ableton workflow


I have an A4 MK2, AR MK2, OT MK2, and a DT. For those of you who use Ableton Live with your machines, what is your workflow? Do you use session view to make clips and then edit? Do you just record straight from the machine. I’m very new to Ableton Live, but have been setting up multi-track recording with Overbridge, and just want to wrap my head around how to approach using both together for composing and potentially live, as well.


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Recording clips into session view is good,
or I will try to make something with one or 2 boxes max and record into arrangement view.

When you record clips into session view:

Do you make arrangements on your machines and then record loops of your Elektron sequences?
Can you elaborate on how you work with clips?

When you use arrangement view:

Do you just record your machines as if it were any other daw?
How do you go about muteing the session view while working in arrangement view?
Are you able to record midi directly from Overbridge into Ableton? So that you can manipulate the midi in Ableton?

If it’s an Elektron-only workflow, you’ll get the most mileage out of just recording in arrangement mode.

Overbridge records all your knob tweaks- so you can do your on the fly recording and then edit the diamond out from the rough

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Ok, good to know that Overbridge will record all of your knob tweaks. Is this with an audio recording or a midi recording? Are you multitracking your Elektron machines?

I didn’t get your reply because you didn’t reply directly to my comment…

I like creating a pattern on the hardware and just record it as clips of each device in session view of then build another pattern record them again build up my session view then arrange it in Ableton…
But I also like creating full arrangements on the Elektron gear and just record it straight into arrangement view as stereo files of each device…
But @Ryan way sounds good also, so many ways to use overbridge best to try them all and work out works best for you…


@DanJamesAUS Awesome. Thank you for your reply. This is the way I intend to use Ableton. Since I’m a noob w/ Ableton I was confused on how session view can work with my machines. This clears it up for me.

Thanks again

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One things that is really cool with Ableton is that you can drag and drop project files into the current project and it will just add the tracks from the file right there.

So I have created a project for my Digitone overbridge with the vst track and the 5 stereo output tracks and then, whenever I want to use the Digitone, i just have to drag and drop the “Digitone Overbridge” project file into my current file and all my routing is ready.

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is there any way to export, “as loop” while using overbridge w/ Ableton?

any work-around to export or even record a perfect loop without manually adjusting the start-end points?