Elektron + Pure Data

Im using my digitakt along pure data. I built a sequencer for a nord drum 2 and using digitakt as a midi interface and all working perfectly.
Now im trying trying to clock the digitakt with pure data, couldnt make it work so I tried the other way around using midirealtime in it tried with ableton and worked fine, but when using the digitakt, it reads the tempo and play, but when trying to stop the incoming clock it completely ingnores it. Btw im using the cyclone library, and the digitakt is in midi out=usb.
Has anyone had any luck clock elektron devices to pure data or vice versa?
I can clock it in overbridge mode if im using ableton but I want this patch for live performance so I don’t want ableton open.

I can confirm that the Digitone works with plugdata and the midirealtime object. On the DN, the MIDI -> Sync -> Transport Send box must be ticked for plugdata to receive the various transport messages sent by the DN. Clock works as well if Clock Send is checked.

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