Elektron Qtrack confirmed in a dream

Since when did Sweden move to Japan?

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Well the first 8 tracks are the 4 stereo/8 mono inputs, and then the 9th is the ‘side-track’ where we spend more time on the forum than using the device.


Depending on the quality of your music, you might be on the right track

Damn when I dream it’s usually some weird Freudian shit. What’s your secret?

Hah, the quality is low, and if I’m honest, Elektron have brought the ‘side-track’ feature to market way too late. Like literally every piece of gear I own already has it.


No song mode. I’m out


We probably need to talk about its sound quality and whether it’s still relevant in 2023.

In seriousness it could be healthy to have a fictional scapegoat device we can hang on. The way couples might invent a fictional third person they can blame all the minor day to day household annoyances on.

In further seriousness, I would buy one of these.


Can i use 8 mono samples? Does it lock to scale?
It has a sequencer? Of course, it needs a song mode.

thy will be done

i had a dream about an a4 mk3 once
this was my intepretation
i wish my dream had all the functional details that yours did

also, there’s this


Did you dream about the sound quality?

I was also wondering could the four stereo tracks be used as mono tracks, but since it only had four fx chains, maybe not… And I’m pretty sure there was a song mode. You could then just have 4 bar loop going into it and create a full song out of it by just automating effects.

It was meant to be used as a creative bus mixer and mastering unit, a little bit like Analog Heat, but with more options, so I’m sure the sound is as good as it gets.

@Encephalitislerthargi That Dreams about gear topic you posted is cool! Reminds me of a dream I had years ago, where I found my friend’s old Octatrack mk1 in a dumpster, but it still worked. We had used that machine to create the perfect club hit, and I was happy to find that the memory card still contained the perfect snare sample we used for that track. The sample file was called black_sizzle.wav. I was super happy I found the sample because I thought it was lost and I believe it was the soul of our track. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find that sample from my computer since that dream.

Black_sizzle.wav! The key to music! You’ve unlocked the Secret!

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No xfader, no vol faders…

QTrack mk2 feature request thread plz


I had a dream of the QVtrack, which was four Quadraverbs with p-locks in a Digi-sized box. Make it happen, benevolent overlords.


Avatar changes are so disorienting!

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What do you mean?

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Ok, changing back, but here’s a screenshot for the record:

no not yet it gets better

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no do it, it will be easier

the element of surprise is lost, i can’t find where I put your avatar

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