Elektron repairs (Octatrack) in Australia?

My OT just started exhibiting a fault. It was purchased used, and is out of warrantee.
(FYI it’s the “stuck trig” fault that seems to have affected a number of other users, judging by web searches.)

Elektron advise to send it back to them for a repair, obviously this will involve considerable time and expense.
Anyone know / have experience with reliable Elektron repairers in Australia? (Preferably VIC, if possible).


Ugh… sorry dude.

Apart from the obvious responses, factory reset etc, shouldn’t, um, you know who be taking care of this?

Going to try a factory reset tonight.
Apparently it’s a known issue with faulty trig buttons, although doesn’t appear to be particularly common.

Just trying to avoid the $$$ of a round trip to Sweden :slight_smile:

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I think you would need to find a local third party electronics guru, or perhaps try contacting the Australian sellers / distributors. There are a few aussies on here who might have a tip about someone who is familiar enough with elektrons to fix them, but its a long shot.

Audio Chocolate
Level 3
301/ 7 Yarra Street
3141 South Yarra, Australia
+61 (0)3 981 318 33‎

Store DJ
394 Victoria Street
3121 Richmond, Australia
+61 3 9912 2858

Look under Australia for a more local contact:

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are you sure the part won’t respond to cleaning ? search for advice on that topic here
also, you could buy the component and have a reasonably competent electrical repair shop swap it out … I am sure I have read of it being done by resourceful end users

as ever - due diligence yhbw - fwiw, removing components is way riskier/trickier than installing replacement ones

you have to weigh up the cost of it going wrong against the cost of having it done officially

the button caps are removable, perhaps doing that carefully will allow you to see whether it may respond to cleaning or only to replacement

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