Elektron shop - quick shipping!

I don’t know what your experience is with the Elektron shop, but I’ve placed a few orders, and the turnaround was amazingly quick, and cheap, as in no additional charge. I live in Alaska, and the orders have taken 2-3 business days to get to me from Sweden.

I’ve only ordered accessories, like cases, covers, and the first few vinyl releases, so it might be different with the actual machines.


Maybe they shoot 'em over the arctic circle to ya! :wink:

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Plastic lid for the OT made it to Oz surprisingly quick. It’s a real shame they won’t sell us the machines direct.


Hi everyone
Can anyone tell me how long shipping takes to the uk ,I’m about to order one and then thought mmmmm probly take 2 weeks to arrive .

In my experience from a couple of returned repairs, accessories and some new buttons, it’s always been 2-3 days to dear old Blighty.

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Elektron shop has been closed since December 2018 --anyone know why?

They said somewhere in the forum that they’re moving to a new website back-end and ordering is closed till the transition is done.

I normally order from California and get most of my stuff in two business days

Holy cow! That’s great. I avoided buying a cover because I figured it’d take too long. That’s good news. I’ll go order it now. Thanks for the news!