Elektron to Modular: Analog Rytm MKII to Mutant Brain

Can anyone walk me through sending the Analog Rytm clock to the Mutant Brain?

Getting the pulse of the clock from Rytm but unable to load Mutant Brain programming onto Analog Rytm.

You don’t use the Analog Rytm for this part of the process. You need to use HexInverter’s web configuration page for the MB:

  • Set up one of the gate outputs in the configuration page to output clock in response to MIDI clock messages (described on page 16 of the MB’s manual)

  • Save the SysEx configuration file to your computer (page 5 of the MB manual)

  • Connect your computer’s MIDI Out port to the MIDI In port of the MB.

  • Send the SysEx file to the MB (pages 5 and 6 of the MB manual).

  • Connect a working MIDI cable from Analog Rytm MIDI Out to Mutant Brain MIDI In.

  • In the AR’s GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > SYNC menu, activate CLOCK SEND.

  • In the AR’s GLOBAL > MIDI CONFIG > PORT CONFIG menu, set OUT PORT FUNC to “MIDI” and set OUTPUT TO to “MIDI”.

Thanks for your reply.

Forgot to specify my most specific problem was with the sysex dump.

Will try to implement your method and circle back.